Stock Option Positional

Stock option tips in highly liquid contracts are provided in our Option trading package. One of the biggest advantages stock option trading has over outright stock trading is to be able to take a view on stock direction with limited risk while at the same time having unlimited profit potential. With an investment capital of as low as 20K you can make decent profits every trading day in our high quality Stock options calls.

Suitable For

  • Advanced option traders looking for limited number of calls with huge profit potential


  • 4-6 high quality naked or strategy calls in liquid stock options
  • Premarket View with Nifty Support and Nifty Resistance
  • We assure you 80-90% accuracy in this plan consistently
  • Risk Reward Ratio is 1:2 (Stop Loss: Targets) 
  • Single Target and Stoploss for every Call
  • Expected Returns of  100-200% in each Call
  • Holding period of 2-5 trading sessions
  • Calls will be given based on technical analysis and short term market trend. 
  • Calls given through SMS with minimum delay from transmission to delivery
  • Telephonic Support will be available from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM (Monday to Friday)

Sample Call

  • Stock Option Positional Call : BUY MARUTI 4000 CALL OPTION @60 SL: 31 TGT: 150, CMP: 60
  • Stock Option Positional Update : BOOK PROFIT IN MARUTI CALL @140. CMP-140

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